Thinking of Choosing Limestone Render

Thinking of Choosing Limestone Render

Limestone Render is made of crushed limestone, and thus stronger than most of
the typical cement renders. As it’s a very durable material, you should expect it to last a long
time, without the need for maintenance. Painting is not necessary and it works successfully to
prevent any cracking or chipping. The stunning limestone block patterns created by limestone
renders are very similar to those found on a large limestone quarry block. Limestone render can
change the style of the outer walls of your home. If you’re looking for a good way to impress
your guests, you should consider adding limestone render to your main wall feature.

Imitation limestone render, popularly known are a sand finish cement render, is a
cement-based render that has a grey cement or a cream colour. Once the render has been
applied, you can always choose to paint on it to make it spectacular. The imitation-limestone
renders are additionally the ideal choice for both external and internal brick surfaces because of
their low costs and the ability to look like they are real.

There are many advantages to using limestone renders such as the fact that it’s
waterproof so it naturally removes all the water that has accumulated there thus improving
overall efficiency for the project.

Cement Render vs Limestone Render

Cement render is utilised popularly for several purposes. Apart from being easy
to use, cement render is also extremely effective. Cement render is quite low-cost and some of
its materials include plasterer’s sand, lime and cement.

Using cement render has several advantages. As an example, when applied on
the relatively coarse surfaces of bricks and blocks, it allows for a textured finish or a paint finish
on the wall.

In straightforward terms, cement render consists of sand and cement then
utilised on-site. Pre-packed packaged cement renders are packed and sold in most nearest
hardware stores.

Due to the convenience it’s not hard to see why most plasterers favor using pre-
packed packaged cement renders instead of blending renders on location. It’s usually less

expensive than on site blended render, the combined formula is a lot more consistent and it’s
simpler to use. What makes this so economical is its materials that include bulk sand and
cement, that are normally used in surface leveling building materials.

After cement render is utilised, the texture becomes sand-like and level.

When applied to a wall, cement render does not require edging. It will, however,
be more effective with a PVC bead. There’s two reasons for this: First, it gives the edges a
crisper line. 2nd, it prevents the edges of the render from cracking. This is why the effective use
of PVC edges is highly advised.

Cement render should be the first option if you don’t want to commit a lot of cash.
Cement render is cheap making it easier to apply to your whole home. When you get down to it,
the comparison between acrylic render and cement proves the latter offers you the ideal deal for
the money.

There are several disadvantages to using cement render such as its lack of
being water-proof causing cracking eventually.

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