Common Issues You May Experience With Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioning in your home is a source of comfort and relief from the harsh temperatures of the sun. Air conditioners usually work over-time during the summer months since these are the hottest times of the years. However, not all air conditioners run smoothly and you may experience problems with yours. As a result, your air conditioner may work poorly or even stop working altogether. So, it is imperative that you determine the problem and fix it quickly or call an air conditioning service company to fix it for you. With that said, we will now take a look at some of the most common air conditioner problems you may have with your unit.

One common issue is when your air conditioner stops working efficiently or cooling the room properly. This may be as a result of a refrigerant leak and it is not so simple as adding more refrigerant to your unit. As a matter of fact, refrigerant itself is dangerous and can have many negative effects on the environment. As a result, you should not handle this issue yourself but hire a trained air conditioning technician who will diagnose the problem, fix the leak, test it and then add the necessary amount of refrigerant to your system. It is extremely important that your unit is not overcharged or undercharged but charged with the exact amount as specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is best that you leave this job to qualified technicians such as those from LCM Air Conditioning –

Next, another common problem is that with the filter. This is a very common problem and it occurs when the filter becomes clogged or dirty. You can check whether your filter is dirty or clogged by trying to shine a light through it. If the light doesn’t shine through, then the filter needs to be cleaned. It is possible to clean the filter on your own and you should check out a couple of YouTube videos on doing so for your particular brand and model air conditioner first.

Thirdly, the next problem you may have is that of electric control failure. This usually happens when the fan and compressor controls wear out and this occurs when the air conditioner is turned on and off too frequently. If a system is too big for a room, then this may happen.

Next, you may have problems with your air conditioner’s sensors. Most air conditioners have a thermostat sensor which is behind the control panel and this sensor checks the temperature of the air coming from the evaporative coil. This sensor can accidentally be shifted out of position which will cause your air conditioner to act erratically and even cycle continuously. If you notice the sensor is not in the right position, you should gently shift it by carefully bending the wire that is attached to it.

In closing we have just covered a couple of common issues that you may experience with your air conditioner at some point. So, be sure to check out various solutions online or call a trusted air conditioning service in Brisbane to diagnose and fix the problem.