Bathroom Tile Design Ideas For Your Small Bathroom Remodeling Job

Among the most difficult choices that face you when you are remodeling your toilet is the design of the ceramic tiles. Not only you have to determine the color and patterns on the tiles but additionally you have to contemplate just how much of your toilet you’re going to cover with ceramic. There is a wide variety of editions of all these that could get quite overwhelming. I was recently faced with this particular problem with my own bathroom remodeling project that was small and I will let you know exactly how I solved it.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Coverage

Ceramic tiles vary considerably in price. Also it’s easy if you believe that it’s going to be too pricey to restrict the coverage in your bathroom. I shopped around for tiles a lot and found a very moderately priced line of ceramic tiles which were very much like lots of ceramic tiles that were quite expensive that I had seen. It definitely pays to spend some time searching for the right tiles in the proper price.

I could afford to tile every one of the walls of my small bathroom from floor to ceiling that is what I had set my heart on. It is because the ceramic tiles that I had discovered were at a good price. I saved a little by not tiling the wall supporting the tub which wasn’t going to be seen. I had looked at a lot of toilets by then and I knew that toilets that are tiled 100% appear much nicer than the ones that aren’t.

Ceramic Tile Layout For Toilets That Is Small-Scale

I have a small bathroom and not only is there a dearth of space in the event you get the design wrong but little toilets may also feel small and cramped. The trick would be to provide your bathroom a light airy feeling. Lots of light does two on the walls or a mirror and helps. Picking a light colored ceramic tile was the best technique for opening up my small bathroom because the light that is available is reflected by it and provides the feeling the room is larger than it truly is.

Mosaic Bathroom Tile Design

My first ceramic bathroom tile design idea was to use a bright white tile that is smooth throughout. This would have lightened up the room but I had the feeling this would be overdoing it a bit so I looked at methods that I could break it up a little airy feel to the bathroom and while keeping the same light.

I eventually found a mosaic tile design that came in several pastel colors. So they were just as easy to fix to the wall. The tiles were regular size but the face of the tiles seems like small rectangles raised a little in the top to give a mosaic look.

I used about two thirds white and one third azure and picked 2 colors, white and also a light sky blue pattern. The azure tiles were place at the lower section of the walls and seem a little like the sea. This was a layout that is very simple but powerful.

Bathroom Shower Tile Design

You do not have to stick with the same arrangement of ceramic tiles in the shower but it is good to use the same colors and stick to the same theme. I used the blue tiles to form a triangle with the peak in the corner of my shower. This has the effect of making it seem more encouraging and bringing you to the shower.