Are Bi-fold Doors A Good Choice?

Bi-fold doors have become quite popular over the last few years. That’s because they allow the maximum amount of light to enter either residential or commercial buildings while offering the required level of privacy. They are easy to use and often need solid construction. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider installing bi-fold doors in your building.

  1. They have a slim profile compared to the traditional options. That way, they allow maximum visibility without any compromise on the strength. Evidently, they modernize your building making it look and feel magnificent.
  2. They require very little maintenance. You need to wash them down occasionally, to remove the dust or debris as well as adding a little oil periodically to keep them functioning properly and you’re good to go.
  3. They offer enough practicality compared to other types of patio doors. When open, the bi-fold doors are constructed to fold and stack neatly to both or one side of an aperture. They allow people to move freely from the indoors to the outdoors as well as from one room to the other. When you install French doors or sliding patio doors, they are often impractical in very confined spaces. They are ideal for wheelchair access for their practicality benefit.
  4. They improve the safety and security of your commercial or residential building. With their slim profile, the bi-fold doors ensure a lot of visibility and the maximum possible glass area when closed. They are completely proof of weather elements and provide exceptional thermal efficiency. They provide ease of access but also guarantee enough security for both commercial or residential buildings.
  5. They bring modern element to the building. Bi-fold doors bring a sophisticated look, thanks to the useful sliding technology that has been installed. They have a versatile design that boosts the aesthetic value of the building by modernizing it.
  6. If the weather outside is good, the versatility of the bi-fold doors kicks in. That’s because they allow a seamless transition between the interior of the building to the outdoors. If you’re considering installing them in your residential property, you can enjoy moving from your house to the garden effortlessly. For the commercial property, the seamless integration from the outdoors to the indoors will not go unnoticed.

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